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Meet Your Urgent Care Veterinarian

The golden rule applies to East Valley Urgent Pet Care. Dr. Megan Usiak-McBeth strives to treat every pet and owner with the kindness and honesty she would want and expect in return. “I always try to put myself in my client’s shoes. I listen to their concerns and trust their judgment of their pet’s health status and needs.” By trusting your concerns and not just exam findings, Dr. Usiak can help better understand your pet’s needs and work toward a solution.

Megan Usiak-McBeth


With extensive training in emergency veterinary medicine as well as previous experience as a veterinary nurse, Dr. Usiak is well prepared with both the medical expertise and compassion required as an urgent care veterinarian.

Dr. Megan Usiak-McBeth, BVMS, at East Valley Urgent Pet Care in Mesa, AZ


“I want to be an advocate for those who don’t have a voice and be a source of security and help when a family and their pet need it,”

she says of her commitment to providing exceptional care. With a special interest in teaching and training veterinary students in the field of emergency medicine, Dr. Usiak has acted as a veterinary student coordinator and mentor while communicating with international veterinary colleges. When she isn’t providing urgent care for pets, Dr. Usiak can be found spending time outdoors with her family kayaking, hiking, and biking.

The Bridge Between Your Family Vet and the Emergency Room

Building Relationships and Giving the Best Quality Medical Options Within Your Family’s Means

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