General Urgent Pet Care in Mesa, Arizona 

General urgent pet care available at East Valley Urgent Pet Care in Mesa, AZ

It can be difficult to determine if your pet requires immediate medical attention, whether they are sick, injured, or not acting like themselves. There may be signs such as open wounds, bleeding, or constant vomiting. Regardless, not all conditions are considered urgent, but it never hurts to check in with East Valley Urgent Pet Care in Mesa, Arizona, for all your general urgent pet needs.

What is Urgent Pet Care? 

Urgent pet care is an outpatient, walk-in service providing treatment to sick pets who require prompt access to a veterinarian but don’t require emergency critical care. Urgent pet care offers help when:

  • Your pet’s condition is affecting the quality of life, but likely not life-threatening
  • Baseline diagnostics may be needed
  • Your pet requires straightforward surgical care 
  • Active conditions are considered non-critical 
  • Pets require help outside of traditional business hours

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What Can An Urgent Care Vet Help with? 

There are several instances when seeking urgent pet care can help with certain conditions through testing, diagnostics, and immediate treatment. Below is a short list of conditions that warrant urgent pet care.

  • GI Upset: Bacteria, parasites, medications, viruses, food allergies, dietary indiscretion, ingestion of foreign objects, etc. 
  • Allergic Reactions: Allergic reactions may include itchy skin, the sudden appearance of hives, swelling, or rashes. Difficulty breathing may require more critical care intervention.
  • Minor Wounds: Pet wounds can become infected and worsen under the visible surface. An urgent care vet can help treat and dress wounds likely to cause infection and pain. 
  • Lethargy: Things that can make your pet weak and lethargic range from disease and infection to pain and toxins. It is important to see an urgent vet for a lethargic pet. 
  • Limping: This could be a result of injury or accident. Contact an urgent vet for swift diagnosis and treatment.   
  • Toxins: An urgent vet can treat your pet immediately if the pet accidentally ingests toxins. Ensure you carry the chemical container and label with you on your urgent vet care visit. 
  • Ear Infections: Ear infections may not be an emergency, but they are certainly causing your pet some discomfort and preventing everyone from sleeping at night.  
  • Seizures: Infections, toxins, epilepsy, cancer, or low blood sugar can all cause seizures in your pet. Contact our urgent pet care experts if the seizure lasts more than 5 minutes or your pet has more than one seizure in 24 hours.
  • Coughing and Sneezing: Such respiratory conditions can result from minor upper respiratory infections to more severe heart or lung problems. You want to address respiratory disease immediately before it worsens and becomes a life-threatening illness.
  • Toenail Injury: Toenail injuries can cause great pain and discomfort. If your pet is bleeding, uneasy, or limp, take them for urgent vet care.
  • Urinary Infections: If you notice straining to urinate, lack of urine, or discoloration of the urine -this could indicate an infection of the urinary tract. Urgent pet care can aid in diagnosing and treating your pet’s urinary condition.  
  • Minor Eye Problems. An urgent vet can run diagnostic eye tests to diagnose and help treat basic eye infections or problems. 
  • Same-Day Surgery: An urgent vet can help repair internal or external injuries caused by trauma or accidents.  
  • X-rays: An x-ray is important to determine the exact location and extent of injuries or cause of illness. One-hour radiology read-out makes this a speedy process. 
  • In-House Blood Work: A blood analysis can help a veterinarian determine what’s wrong with your pet, or rule out certain conditions,  in case of an unknown illness or toxin ingestion.

What Are the Signs Your Pet Needs to See an Urgent Vet? 

At East Valley Urgent Pet Care, Dr. Usiak and her team wants you to know what to look for. If your pet has any of the following symptoms, it is important to bring them in for urgent care to be examined.

  • Vomiting: It may point to a minor intestinal upset, dietary indiscretion, fast eating, toxin ingestion, or much more serious concern, etc. 
  • Diarrhea: It may be due to dietary indiscretion or infection or could signify more serious underlying issues, like organ dysfunction, inflammatory bowel disease, allergies, bacterial/viral infections, etc.
  • Abnormal Behavior: This is likely a coping response from pain to severe illness. 
  • Pain: Neck or back pain, sprain, strain, ligament injury, fractures, infections, wounds, trauma, accidents, etc.,  
  • Limping: Limping is a possible sign of injury and pain.  
  • Excessive Scratching: Allergies, Skin infections, Parasite infestation, and other things may cause excessive scratching. 
  • Head-Shaking: Head shaking is a possible sign of foreign material in the ear or an external ear infection. 
  • Abnormal Eye Discharge: Eye discharge in pets can point to conjunctivitis, injury, allergies, foreign material, etc.
  • Loss of Appetite: This could signify many types of illness and/or pain.  
  • Open Wounds: Open wounds result from injuries or accidents and must be treated immediately to avoid infection. 
  • Bee Sting: Bee stings can cause severe life-threatening systemic (anaphylactic) reactions. As such, they require immediate attention.  
  • Swollen Face: This can result from dental disease to allergic reactions.  
  • Irregular urinary habits. Factors linked to this condition may include inflammatory disease, infection, injury, masses, or bladder irritation due to stones or crystals.

Why Should You Choose East Valley Urgent Pet Care?  

Our Mesa, Arizona, urgent pet care clinic accepts walk-in appointments, has evening hours and weekends available, and has in-house and same-day diagnostic test results available. Our experienced, friendly, and reliable staff communicate well in our positive work environment. We bridge the gap between general practice and emergency critical care for you and your pet.

Dr. Megan Usiak-McBeth, BVMS, at East Valley Urgent Pet Care in Mesa, AZ

Visit East Valley Urgent Pet Care 

When your pet is in need of medical attention, every minute counts. Urgent pet care can give you and your pet the reassurance and care you both need. It is always important to be on the lookout for potential signs and symptoms your pet might need more attention; contact us to schedule an urgent pet care visit in Mesa, Arizona.