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Pets are naturally adventurous and capable of getting into all kinds of things, which can result in significant illnesses and injuries. They can also become ill in many of the same ways humans can and require urgent treatment that cannot wait for an appointment, even if emergency care is not quite essential. Here is an overview of how advanced urgent care for pets works and how East Valley Urgent Pet Care can help if your pet experiences any problems.

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What Is Advanced Urgent Care

Determining what type of care your pet needs can be challenging, and there are several levels of care available to address various incidents. Advanced urgent care bridges the gap between typical appointments and emergency visits to assist with urgent illnesses or injuries that are not quite severe enough to require emergency services.

What Advanced Urgent Care Services Are Available at East Valley Urgent Pet Care? 

We prioritize offering several vet advanced care services to provide the best possible treatment for your pet for almost any situation. Some of the most common advanced treatments we offer include: 

  • Fluid Therapy: Giving fluids to treat a wide range of problems. 
  • Analgesia: A type of strong pain medication that is particularly useful for managing traumatic situations.
  • Abdominal, thoracic, and pericardial-centesis – a method of removing fluids from various body cavities. 
  • Cardiovascular Stabilization: Giving medications or other treatment to stabilize the heart and blood pressure. 
  • Temporary oxygen therapy (giving oxygen). 

Fluid Therapy

Giving pets fluids can help to alleviate several conditions. These fluids may be given intravenously (directly into the vein) or subcutaneously (under the skin). Some of the most common problems fluids can treat include: 

  • Hypotension
  • Excessive Bleeding
  • Renal disease
  • GI distress, vomiting, diarrheaShock
  • Dehydration


Analgesia is a type of strong pain medication that is used to provide relief. Some of the most common situations requiring pain management include: 

  • Various surgical procedures 
  • Wounds
  • Abdominal pain 
  • Bone, joint, nerve, or soft tissue pain 
  • Back disease
  • Blunt force trauma

Abdominal, Thoracic, and Pericardial-Centesis 

With these procedures, vet advanced urgent care involves using a needle or catheter to remove fluid from a body cavity. Depending on the specific needs of each situation, an ultrasound may be used to assist with this procedure. Fluid can accumulate abnormally due to the following:

  • Heart failure 
  • Liver failure 
  • Ruptured bladder
  • Various types of trauma or bleeding
  • Bleeding disorders 
  • Various types of cancer
  • Valley fever
  • Low albumin/protein disease

Cardiovascular Stabilization

This treatment uses fluid therapy or specialized medications to stabilize cardiovascular abnormalities. Some of the most common types of conditions affecting the cardiovascular system include:

  • High or low blood pressure 
  • Heart failure
  • Anaphylaxis
  • Shock
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Other types of trauma 

Oxygen Therapy 

Temporary oxygen therapy uses a concentrator or tank to provide oxygen support in times of need. Conditions causing increased oxygen demands include: 

  • Pneumonia 
  • Heart failure
  • Shock
  • Anaphylaxis
  • Pulmonary embolism
  • Other lung diseases 

Anesthetic Monitoring 

Anesthesia is a crucial component of surgeries, but it has side effects that linger for several hours or longer. These effects need to be monitored to make sure your pet is safe until they have safely worn off. Pets can experience adverse reactions to anesthesia even after surgery, so ensuring they are stable and ready to provide emergency treatment if needed is a must. Some of how pets are typically monitored for potential complications associated with anesthesia following surgery include: 

  • Temperature and blood pressure monitoring
  • Capnography
  • ECG or SPO2

Choose East Valley Urgent Pet Care for Quality Urgent Treatment in Mesa, AZ 

At East Valley Urgent Pet Care, seeing your pet in an urgent situation is difficult. Our friendly and caring team is here to help you and your pet through any pain and quickly get urgent problems under control. We are a walk-in-only facility, providing triage to each patient to provide the best possible care for your pet’s urgent needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help when you need urgent pet care in the Mesa, AZ, area.